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Keystone Camaro Society Membership Benefits Include:

  1. Inclusive Events
  2. Access to Exclusive Merchandise
  3. Periodic Discounts and Services
  4. Annual Membership Items
  5. Vast Community of Owners and Enthusiasts for Support

For just $35.00 Dollars per year become part of the Pennsylvania Camaro family- Join now and get your exclusive members shirt and society window decal today.

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This agreement is subject to the understanding and agreement to the Corporation’s Membership Agreement Principles, and by signing this agreement the member presents and warrants that he/she understands them and will obey the rules and regulations set forth in the principles of the Keystone Camaro Society.

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PDF Form Submission

Interested in mailing a PDF and check? Please CLICK HERE to print and fill out the form. Once completed, please send the form and check to: Keystone Camaro Society PO BOX 603 Fleetwood, PA 19522