A community coming together sharing their love and passion for a General Motors Icon, the Chevy Camaro. Are you ready to grow with us and be part of this community from day one? To share your pride in your vehicle? Stock or Modified... V6, V8, and even 4-Cylinder Turbo... All Generations... We're all part of the Camaro Family and everyone is welcome. Keystone Camaro Society is a Pennsylvania based car club but we welcome Camaro owners from anywhere in the world and all walks of life. Your source for industry information, event and cruise notifications, and fellowship.

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The Keystone
Camaro Society

An established collective of owners and enthusiasts of Camaro’s of all styles: original or restored, stock or modified, from all years 1967 to Present in the state of Pennsylvania and our neighbors from the surrounding area.

Providing a community to share information, assistance, history, and fellowship surrounding the Chevrolet Camaro, while promoting the continued enjoyment and love for the General Motors American Icon.

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George S. - Phoenix AZ
Tim W. - Clackamas OR
Clint P. - Aberdeen, MD
Jennifer Nicole C. - Bristol TN
Michael D.
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