About Us

Our Mission

An established collective of owners and enthusiasts of Camaro’s of all styles: original or restored, stock or modified, from all years 1967 to Present in the state of Pennsylvania and our neighbors from the surrounding area.

Providing a community to share information, assistance, history, and fellowship surrounding the Chevrolet Camaro, while promoting the continued enjoyment and love for the General Motors American Icon.

Our Vision

To continue the preservation of Camaros from all generations: past, current, and future and its history for all ages, while fostering a community celebrating the vehicles and passion held by all.


The 1967 Chevrolet Camaro was introduced on September 29, 1966 by General Motors as a response to the successful launch of the Ford Mustang. However, the Camaro quickly won over a strong and loyal following allowing it to achieve its own greatness while making history along the way. Currently, the Camaro is in its sixth generation of design featuring a number of options from Rally Sport and Super Sport Packages, Z-28 and Iroc Designs, and countless aftermarket modifications that have won the hearts of millions.

The name “Camaro” was not chosen for any reason other than the way it sounds, but GM researchers did allegedly discover that it was a slang term in French meaning comrade or pal. Although there was extensive use of that definition in the initial unveiling, they did provide a definition of their own… When the question was asked, what is a Camaro? A GM product manager quickly responded: “ A small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs.”

Letter to the society

Welcome everyone to our community. We only have one simple requirement, a love and appreciation of the Chevrolet Camaro. The first car I ever owned, thanks to my brother Matthew, was a 1984 Z-28 Camaro "The Z". My brother's garage MD Auto Doctor restored this third generation beauty, and from the start I fell in love with the American Icon. I am more about the experience and appreciation of the Camaro, and I am lucky enough to have a great support team at Roger's Garage to keep my treasured machines running. Sadly, there was a dark period of my life when I didn't own a Camaro, I knew that void had to be filled. In 2009 I took ownership of a 2010 Fifth Generation First Run Camaro "Mak", with the help of my brother's team we customized her to pay homage to my original. It's because of these experiences, it's because my Camaro has always been a source of happiness, and the people that share those views and passions that I have formed this club. A community that recognizes all makes and models, all walks of life, all types of people and Camaros... celebrating and sharing something that makes them happy, their passion.

Whether you were with us from day one or this is your first day welcome. This is a great new journey and I can't wait till we are at events meeting face to face, sharing stories, giving advice, and sharing our moments that brought us here in the first place.

Club Director - Marcus V. Dolny
Fleetwood, PA